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With Semi Private Coaching

But What Is

Semi Private Coaching

Semi-private coaching offers all the same benefits as Personal Training, but instead of working one-on-one with one of our expert Coaches, you will work out alongside other individuals who are also semi-private clients.

Your workout will still be 100% individualised to meet your specific needs and goals and can be modified anytime. You will never be given the same workout as others working out simultaneously, ensuring that your fitness journey is tailored to you.


Greater flexibility on scheduling. More time slots are available for semi-private clients because we can schedule more than one client at any specific time.

You will be able to build relationships with others who are also working out. This can lead not only to friendships but also to another person to motivate and keep you accountable for your workout.

On average, there will be 1 coach for every 6 clients. Sometimes there may be a little less then 6 clients.

Our Semi-Private Rates are cheaper than Personal Training.

Training with others who are like minded is extremely motivating. Seeing others who are just like you hit their workouts hard, stay focused and inspired will help keep you on track when you’re just not feeling it.

Still not sure about training with others?

I get it.

If you’re not used to training in small groups, it might feel a bit scary. But if you ask anyone who has tried it, they actually prefer to train with others now over one-on-one training.

improve your body

Strength 95%
Endurance 88%
Mobility 80%
Cardio 70%
Fun 100%


Our semi private coaching sessions are designed to help you decrease body fat, increase your lean muscle and have you burning body fat (even when you sleep).

main features

  • 360 Bodyscan exery 4-6 weeks to ensure we are on track
  • Recipe Book with High Protein meals
  • Nutritional education via our App
  • Access to all our Coaches for advice & support
  • Access to our members only Facebook page
  • Tailored to cater to all levels of fitness and we can even work around those with injuries.
  • Efficient 45 minute sessions that are science based and research proven to ensure optimal results.
  • Will help with improvements in strength and range of movement (ROM). Change your body shape; decrease body fat and gain lean muscle
  • Offered in small groups of up to 6 people
  • Give yourself the opportunity to be a part of our great community and achieve your goals together
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