Become the best version of yourself

Train 1 on 1 or in a small group with a Personal Trainer.

Working with a Personal Trainer will get the results you are looking for.

The power of Personal training


Get Results

Personal Training is exactly that, Personal! Work with yourCoach to quickly achieve your goals.


It's All About You

From the initial consult to the day you stop training, everything is centred around you. If your trainer isn't focussed on you, go somewhere else.



Everyone has bad days, but your Temple Coach can help ensure your bad days aren't every day. Your Coach can drive you hard, make you swear and push you to your edge. But they will never let you quite or stop you from hitting your goals.

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Circuit Bootcamp

Get a whole lot done in a very short time. These classes are tied into our Group Training Classes. We mix strength & cardio with variable work and rest times to push you to your limit.

Personal Training

Sometimes you need the personal touch. This is a 1on1 session with a coach who is determined for you to hit your goals. Pushing you to your limits every session is not the goal. Depending on where you are starting from, we may start slow, or go hard. That's why it's called Personal Training, it's all about you.

Small Group Training

This is the most cost effective way of training and sits between Group Training and Personal Training. You get your own coach, but have up to 5 other people in your group. Everyone is doing their own workout, with a coach supporting the group. You warm-up together and cool down together, building your tribe.

we are Gymology

Gymology is the new service from Temple Fitness. Our Gymologists will coach, train and teach you to get the best out of you.

Everything we do is adaptable for your individual circumstances, we will never have you do something that you can’t achieve.

Our method has been tested

Very Happy with my Trainer & can see changes in my body.
My Coach allows me to judge my own work ethic.
My Coach is approachable and super supportive and I wouldn’t have reached my goals without him.

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