How To

Low Row - Plate Loaded


The machine low row is a popular exercise targeting the back muscles, particularly the lats (latissimus dorsi), rhomboids, and middle and lower trapezius. Machine row variations are often performed for moderate to high reps, such as 12-15 reps per set or more, as part of an upper-body or back-focused portion of a workout.


  1. Builds size and strength in the lower and mid back, lats, and rhomboids
  2. Targets the lower lats in particular
  3. Machines often have different grip options to choose from
  4. Easy to change weight for dropsets

How to do  Low Row

  1. To begin, select the appropriate seat height and weight. Take hold of the handles and sit on the seat with the chest against the chest pad.
  2. Slowly contract back muscles, pulling handles towards the chest. Ensure you maintain good spinal posture with your feet flat on the floor for the entire movement. Slowly extend elbows to return to the start position.
  3. Repeat for as many desired reps, controlling the weight when coming back down again.
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