Empower Yourself with Our Women's Self-Defence Session

Welcome to our special 1.5-hour women's self-defence session designed to equip you with vital skills to protect and assert yourself in various situations. Whether you're a beginner or have previous experience, this interactive session is crafted to boost your confidence, safety, and well-being.

What You Will Learn

Situational Awareness: Sharpen your ability to perceive and evaluate your surroundings. Recognise potential threats before they escalate and learn how to react swiftly and smartly.


Setting Boundaries: Understand the importance of personal space and how to communicate your boundaries clearly and firmly. This skill not only applies to physical confrontations but also in daily interactions.


Using Your Voice: Learn effective ways to utilise your voice for de-escalation and self-defence. From assertive communication to strategic shouting, your voice can be a powerful ally.


Defensive Techniques: Master basic yet effective blocks, strikes, and escapes that can be crucial in a threatening situation. Guided by professional instructors, you'll practice techniques that are adaptable to real-world scenarios.

Who Can Join

Our women's self-defence session is open to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Because of some of the topics we discuss, it is preferable that a participant be at least 13yo.

Whether you're looking to enhance your personal safety or gain a new set of empowering skills, this session is tailored for you.

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Expert Instructors: Experienced Coaches who understand the unique safety concerns of women.


Practical Approach: Realistic training scenarios and hands-on practice.


Community-Focused: Connect with like-minded women in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Affordable and Accessible: Conveniently located and priced to make self-defence accessible to all. This is a free class!

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your safety and self-assurance. Contact us to book your spot or find out more about our women's self-defence session. Spaces are limited!

Join us in taking control of your safety and cultivating a more confident you.

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