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Boxing Fitness (Not Boxing)

Our Boxing Fitness Class is tough but full of laughs. Easily Burn around 500 Calories in 45 minutes. This is not a normal boxing class as we also use elbows, Knees & Kicking to get the adrenaline pumping. This class is run by the owner Pete, who has been doing Karate for about 13 years.

Conditioned Bodyz

This can be a tough class, if you push yourself to the max. It's a program that works on your overall body condition. This class uses High Intensity Interval Training techniques where you will work at a high rate to quickly build your strength & fitness.


This class is designed for our 60+ years that are young at heart and want to keep fighting fit. It provides a changing & challenging format to help build strength, balance and keep the brain active.

Personal Training with Pete

Get pushed to your limit or learn some new things. We start out with a general assessment then, develop a program to get you to where you need to be. Using the 4C program, a range of Corrective, Compound, Cardio and Conditioning exercises.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Our Reformer classes can be relaxing or leave you in a sweaty mess. The format is constantly changing, so be prepared 🙂


This program is designed as a Post-Hospital Rehab program. Please ensure you have a clearance from your Medical Practitioner, Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist prior to commencing.

Strong Bodyz

This is a program that is Strength Based. Each session could be a full-body workout or a targeted zone. Either way, it will build your strength and power in more ways than you could imagine. A different instructor each day brings wide variation to each class, one day it could be an upper-body workout, the next just lower-body or full-body. You will never know until you start 🙂

Junior Fitness

This is a special class developed for your children (about 10-14 ish) who want to learn how to exercise properly. They will learn Confidence, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition and develop their Gross & Fine motor skills.


Our Zumba class is a crazy party run by Kylie, the best Zumba Instructor in the world. This is a 45 Minute class starting at 9:15am each Wednesday.