The Kickstart Program

Does the idea of going to a gym terrify you?

Do you feel intimidated by all the clanking and grunting?

Do you go to the gym and watch other people use equipment to see how it works?

If this sounds like you, we can help.

Our Kickstart program has been built for you. It provides a structured path from beginner to expert.

You can do the Kickstart Program:

  1. At Home (With remote support)
  2. At Temple Fitness (Where all the support is)
  3. At another Gym (With remote support)

It is all about YOU!

Continue reading for more information, the basics of the program are:

Overview of Kickstart Program

Here's What You Get

You get all of this from around $3-$3.50 per day, that’s less than a cup of takeaway coffee!