Thanks for showing an interest in our Kickstart Program

The Kickstart Program has been planned, designed and built for people starting at the gym or someone who has been away for a while and wants to get back into training.

The program is broken into three levels.

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
Each level is a progression from the previous and designed to assist you in safely building your Health & Fitness. The program is designed for you to start from beginning to end and allow you to extend a level if you need extra time. 
It is all about YOU!
Overview of the Kickstart Program

Beginner Level

The beginner level is the starting point of the program.

It is broken into 3×6 week blocks. Each one a progression from the previous. 

Stage 1 – Your priority is movement preparation, starting a new fitness program can be taxing on your body. So at this level, you will learn some essential movement patterns that will prepare you for the later stages of the program. We will also work on correct techniques for the movement patterns you are going to be using.

To do this effectively, you will be doing mostly bodyweight exercises, with some hand weights to increase the load, but only when you are ready. The goal is to learn good technique in everything we do, as this will minimise your risk of injury.

Stage 2 – This is your first progression. Now we start to focus more on exercise since your movement patterns have been nailed. You will increase your workload slightly, as you will be doing 50% body weight & 50% weights with machines or hand weights.

Ideally, you will be working out at least three days per week, with your program being:

  1. Upper Body
  2. Lower Body
  3. Full Body

Stage 3 – You are at the 12-week mark and by now people must be complimenting you on how you look. If they aren’t, it might be time to find new friends.

We now move to more machines, there are still some bodyweight exercises, which are building your strength for the later stages. We will also now introduce you to stretching and rolling (SMR). You will learn what that is as you go.

Once we finish this stage, you are ready to graduate to the Intermediate level. Now the fun and the gains in strength really come.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate level now moves to 3 x 8-week blocks of training. Each of the 8-week blocks is a combination of 2 x 4-week blocks.


Stage 4 – You are now starting the Intermediate level of training. This means that you have been building your strength, fixing your nutrition and improving your Health & Fitness for the last 18 weeks.

You are about to start a new level of training with the use of Compound exercises. These are exercises that utilise multiple muscles and body parts. This is where you get more bang for your buck. You will also learn how to use a Kettlebell fully.

Stage 5 – You are doing a great job learning about Compound exercises and now we add Bilateral exercises. This is using both sides of your body at the same time.

In the first 4-week block you will focus on developing power, moving the weights quickly. Following that, you will move to building Hypertrophy or simply put, making your muscles get bigger.

Stage 6 – You are progressing really well. The next stage is adding Barbell exercises for half the time. This brings a new level of training. Your two blocks of training will be Strength and then power. 

You will also start on Unilateral exercises. These are exercises that use a single side of your body each time. It will feel like you are doing twice as much work, but you got this.

Intermediate Overview

Advanced Level

This is the final stage of your training and consists of 3 x 4-week blocks, totalling 12 weeks in total.

Level 7 – It has taken almost 12 months to get to this level, but it’s been worth it. Everything you have been working on comes to this point. It’s time to learn the Olympic lifts. 

You are going to be working on Hypertrophy, Strength & Power doing these lifts.

Do I have to start at Red Level?

Yes, this is to ensure that we can fix any bad habits or problems in your movement.

Life after Kickstart
What happens after the program?

There are two options. You can continue on to our membership program. Or join Temple Gym as a Gold level member.

What do I get with the package

The full package includes:

  1. Access to Temple Fitness.
  2. Access to our Temple App.
  3. A fully designed and tested exercise program.
  4. A range of education material that is designed to provide you with the right information at the right time.
  5. Coaching for training, nutrition and general Health & Fitness.
What does it cost?

You pay for each level when you get to it. There are no weekly or fortnightly charges, it is a once off fee for each level. 

The cost for each level is:

  • Beginner – $150 per level
  • Intermediate – $200 per level.
  • Advanced – $250.

Each level has a 7 day cancellation period. So if you decide that the program is not for you within the 7 days, I will refund that level.