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Ariana's Bootcamp

This outdoor program will push you to your limits in a safe and comfortable way. It is located up the road at Cameron Park, unless the weather is horrible, then it's in our Group Training Room. You will be notified when that happens.

Boxing Fitness

Our Boxing Fitness Class is tough, but full of laughs. Easily Burn around 500 Calories in 45 minutes.

Conditioned Bodyz

This can be a tough class, if you push yourself to the max. It's a program that works on your overall body condition. This class uses High Intensity Interval Training techniques where you will work at a high rate to quickly build your strength & fitness.


This class is designed for our 60+ years that are young at heart and want to keep fighting fit. It provides a changing & challenging format to help build strength, balance and keep the brain active.

Personal Training with Pete

Get pushed to your limit or learn some new things. We start out with a general assessment then, develop a program to get you to where you need to be. Using the 4C program, a range of Corrective, Compound, Cardio and Conditioning exercises.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Our Reformer classes can be relaxing or leave you in a sweaty mess. The format is constantly changing, so be prepared 🙂


This program is designed as a Post-Hospital Rehab program. Please ensure you have a clearance from your Medical Practitioner, Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist prior to commencing.

Strong Bodyz

This is a program that is Strength Based. Each session could be a full body workout or a targeted zone. Either way, it will build your strength and power in more ways than you could imagine.


Our Zumba class is a crazy party run by Kylie, the best Zumba Instructor in the world. This is a 45 Minute class starting at 9:15am each Wednesday.